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Training video on “Why you cannot afford to fail and how to succeed in european funding”

Dear Colleague

Further to your educational funded activities in erasmus , we have a complimentary training video on “Why you cannot afford to fail and how to succeed in european funding” that focuses also in Erasmus programme. This training video is available upon registration in our blog   www.fundingexpert.academy.
I personally guarantee, it will be an eye opener for you and you need to watch it till its end. It is around 50 minutes and I advise you to allocate a specific timeslot without distractions for watching and getting the best out of it.

Furthermore, in case you or other colleagues are looking for KA1 Erasmus courses that focus on results and not on theory, you can have a look in our Erasmus KA1 courses blog  (www.learn-it-easy.eu) for our offers and world-widely recognised certification schemas via City&Guilds/Institute of Leadership and Management.
Especially, you need to give attention in our [PAMEEP]  "Plan and Manage Effectively your European Project (including educational one)"that is confirmed and takes place 4-8 April 2016 in Athens and it is currently under 82% discount especially for educators, teachers and youth actors under KA1 grant.

I am really looking forward to connecting further with you and examining how to serve the lifelong learning community better.


Mr. Nikolaos FLORATOS

BSc, MSc, MBA, DIC, Phd Researcher
Knowledge Entrepreneur, Founder of Funding Expert Academy
EC expert,

email:  nf@cyberall-access.com

Phones: 30 211 0106069
mobile: 30 6974347016


3rd International Week 2017 at Šiauliai State College

Dear Partners,

We are glad to invite you to participate in our 3rd International Week 2017, which will be held at Šiauliai State College (Lithuania) from 10th to 13th April, 2017.

Our aim is to promote mobility, to create International Learning environment, to share good practice, and to show You the Lithuanian Culture.

Language of lectures / Instruction: English / Russian

We invite Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff to participate in our International Week and experience the true Lithuanian Heritage.

We invite your institution to apply for the mobility until 28th of February, 2017 on our online form:


Enclosed you will find the preliminary programme. There is no Registration Fee! Participants have to cover their travel and accommodation costs. Cost for excursions, transportation and dinners mentioned in the program will be covered by Šiauliai State College.


Contact info:

Gina Ožekauskaitė, g.ozekauskaite@svako.lt

Viktorija Gusevičienė: v.guseviciene@svako.lt