Department of Industrial Design and Textile Engineering

Head of Department:: Assoc.Prof. Marin Yordanov Marinov, Ph.D
Phone: +359 66 827 296
Academic organizer: Snejina Hristova Meteva
  Phone: +359 66 827 455

Brief background notes

The degree course in Textile Engineering and Equipment was established at TU-Gabrovo following  Order РД-103/ of the Ministry of Education from 2.03.1987. Century old traditions of textile manufacturing in Gabrovo were the underlying reason for introducing this new specialty in the engineering  curricula of our university. A year after the issuance of this Order the department of  Textile Engineering and Equipment was founded following a Decision of the Academic Council.The purpose of  the  degree course is to train certified engineers for the national textile industry. Its syllabi and curricula are harmonized with those of related specialties  across EU and correspond to the  European system for obtaining and transfer of credits. Department academic staff have been elicited through rigorous competitions which guarantees their  high quality teaching skills and competence and is in compliance with the requirements of the government and  Higher Education Act concerning this specialty. The department is staffed by five associate professors and six assistant professors, two of which are Ph.D holders.

Since its foundation the department has trained 939 engineers, 638 of which were full-time students and  301  were part-time students.

Name and academic rank
Assoc. Prof. Krassimir Iliev Drumev, Ph.D
+359 66 827 254
Assoc.Prof. Marin Yordanov Marinov, Ph.D
+359 66 827 296
Assoc.Prof. Nikolai Aleksandrov Mitev, Ph.D
+359 66 827 235
Assoc.Prof. Penka Milkova Nedelcheva, Ph.D
+359 66 827 261
Chief Asst Prof. Borislav Tsonev Stoyanov, Ph.D
+359 66 827 246
Chief Asst.Prof. Sonya Paskaleva Ilieva, Ph.D
+359 66 827 549
Chief Asst. Prof. Dobrin Nenchev Genov
+359 66 827 291
Asst. Prof. Krasimir Vasilev Krastev
2112 +359 66 827 363
Asst. Prof.Nikolai Panayotov Marchev
+359 66 827 363
Asst. Prof. Petko Conev Gecov
+359 66 827 291
Certified engineer Nikolai Ivanov Dyulgerov
+359 66 827592


Description of  department  educational functions

This department is a leader in training students in “Textile equipment , design and technologies”. Training is carried out in  Bachelor , Master’s  and Ph.D degree courses all of which have been accredited in  2004 .All syllabi are developed in accordance with the latest tendencies occurring in the field of textile engineering and technologies , and are in line with the training  carried out in related departments of other technical universities across EU  such as  the university of Liberetz( Czech Republic), the university of , Yash, Romania, university of Reutlingen , Germany , university of  Chemnitz, Germany and the university in Lyubliana , Slovenia. Engineers who have graduated the Bachelor degree course in Textile Equipment, Design and Technologies have acquired solid training that meets contemporary EU standards for wide scope of professional realizations in the leading companies of textile manufacturing, which carry out  activities in the field of research, technology , pedagogy , assembly and maintenance – all related  closely to the specific character of the specialty ( these include companies for spinning, weaving, hosiery, ready made clothing and non-woven textile fabrics).


Graduates of the Master’s  degree course  in  Textile Engineering and Technologies” have acquired substantial theoretical and practical background which enables them  to manage research teams , design and manufacturing  work groups and conduct marketing surveys or render post purchase services or  hold teaching positions in institutions of higher learning..

Basic disciplines

Students are trained by the department in the following disciplines:

  • Textile materials science;
  • Textile tests;
  • Machines and work processes in spinning , weaving  , hosiery and  ready made clothes manufacturing;
  • Machines and processes for non-woven textile manufacturing;
  • Design and development of  spinning, weaving and sewing machines;
  • Automation of  production processes in textile industry;
  • Design of yarns, knitwear and fabrics;
  • Design of  enterprises for  textile and  ready made clothe manufacturing;
  • Design and structuring of  clothes;
  • Operation and  overhaul of  textile machines;
  • Economic  base and  organization of textile and ready made clothes manufacturers
  • Quality management and control;
  • Technical textile materials and technologies;

Scientific trends and  interests

Department staff is dedicated to the following  scientific trends:

  • Investigation, kinematics , dynamics and synthesis of  textile machines’ mechanisms;
  • Theoretic foundations of drawing and  doubling;
  • Design and technology of non-woven textile;
  • Design and  investigation of  weaving machines;
  • Optimization of  manufacturing processes;
  • Analysis and  synthesis of  mechanisms in textile machines;
  • Computer aided design and analysis of knitwear;
  • Systems for  optimizing synthesis of mechanical structures;
  • CAD/CAM systems;
  • Textile materials science and tests;
  • Automation and computerization of  clothes manufacturing;
  • Textile and clothing design;