Degree Course in Mechatronics (M)

mu 1The degree course in Mechatronics has been developed in collaboration  with institutes of higher learning from Germany and Czech Republic. It is set in conformity with the world trends in the development of most promising and innovative  branches of engineering by blending and harmonizing methods inherent to  mechanics, electronics and information technologies for the purpose of producingto produce a new generation of machines. Students enrolled in this degree course will obtain fundamental training in the areas of mechanics, electronics, informatics, computerized control and microprocessor engineering  all of which form an indispensable  part of the machinery and equipment that underlie modern manufacturing processes. Training  is based on  the priority use of CAD/CAM/CAE and DAQ software which allows engineering experts to adapt quickly to the labor market demands at home and abroad.
Upon successful completion of their third year  undergraduates are granted the opportunity to continue their studies for two consecutive semesters in the Higher Institute of Schmalkalden (Germany) and  become holders of  a German diploma of higher education.


mu 2Students who have graduated the engineering degree course in Mechatronics have good career prospects as:
  • designers of  technical systems, units and integrated devices which incorporate mechatronic modules such as  data sensors, master and slave devices, algorithmic and software back-up of their computerized control;
  • designers of  robots and robotic systems for industrial and non-industrial use;
  • service and marketing experts in companies for  production, development, service and consulting whose work is largely dependent on the application of intelligent mechatronic systems in virtually all aspects of advanced manufacturing technologies;
  • administrative leaders and organizers in the area of production, tertiary sector, advertisement, commerce, education  and public administration;
  • experts in technical diagnostic of machines , units and apparatuses;
  • consulting experts and auditors in quality management in mechanical and precision engineering, power  and electrical engineering.