Faculty of Mechanical and Precision Engineering

emblema fak mu

Dean: Assoc. Prof. Dimcho Yordanov Pulov, Ph.D.

cabinet: 2415, 3112
tel.: +359 66 827 360+359 66 827 222
e-mail: dekanfmu@tugab.bg

Vice Dean for academic affairs: Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Iliev Drumev, Ph.D.

cabinet: 2107, 3112
tel.: +359 66 827 254+359 66 827 222
e-mail: kid@tugab.bg

Vice Dean for research and human resources: Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Petrov Dunchev, Ph.D.

cabinet: 1226, 3112
tel.: +359 66 827 306+359 66 827 222
e-mail: v.dunchev@tugab.bg

Faculty Office: cabinet: 3103
tel.: +359 66 827 236
Head of Faculty Office:

Ms. Petya Yordanova Yankova, eng.

e-mail: petya@tugab.bg


Ms. Lyuba Mitkova Dzhonova

e-mail: dzhonova@tugab.bg

Ever since the 19th century Gabrovo has been a centre of crafts, textile and metal-working industries. Now the largest Bulgarian manufacturers of hoists, cutting tools and plastic products operate here, as well as big companies for textiles, instruments, furniture, electrical products, etc.

Gabrovo and a surrounding area of a radius 70-80 kilometers concentrates some companies of paramount importance for the national industry, such as machine tools manufacturers in Troyan, Kazanlak and Sliven, producers of electrical machines in Troyan, Lovech, Veliko Tarnovo, Teteven, companies for cutting tools, plastic deformation and casting of metals and plastics in Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Dryanovo, Kazanlak, textile and clothes manufacturers in Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Kazanlak, Sliven, Tryavna, etc.

The Faculty of Mechanical and Precision Engineering was established by an Act of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria No 27/22.07.1983 and was granted institutional accreditation by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency on 10.12.1998. г. Until the end of 2002 more than 9000 mechanical engineers graduated from the faculty.

The faculty was accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency on 15.04.1999 for training students for acquiring Ph.D. degree in the following scientific majors:

  1. Applied Mechanics
  2. Materials Science and Technology of Engineering Materials
  3. Machines and Machine Elements
  4. Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Transfer Lines
  5. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drives
  6. Mechanical Engineering Technologies
  7. Material Cutting and Cutting Tools
  8. Machine Tools and Systems
  9. Machines and Equipment for the Light Industry
  10. Metrology and Metrological Equipment
  11. Precise Instrument design
  12. Industrial Heat Technologies
  13. Technologies of Textile Materials.

The faculty has modern facilities and equipment, including CNC machines, robots, computers and instrumentation.


All students receive fundamental training in the area of mechanical engineering, computer skills for calculations and drawing, economics and management. The training involves international student exchange for one or two semester studies or for developing graduation theses in EU universities under the Erasmus programme.