Degree Course in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment (HPE)

This degree course equips students with knowledge about the design, operation and management of production in the following major engineering fields:

  • hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and installations;
  • heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigerating installations and systems;
  • automobiles, trucks, road construction and agricultural equipment;
  • power engineering;
  • hydraulic and pneumatic drives and automation;
  • automated control systems;
  • computer applications for design and control of hydraulic, pneumatic and heat machines and systems;
  • hydraulic and pneumatic transport

Students who graduate in this degree course can find employment as:

  • designers of hydraulic and pneumatic elements, machines and systems;

  • specialists on servicing, operation, control and maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic, air-conditioning and heat equipment;

  • specialists on operation and maintenance of pump and compressor stations, water power plants, etc.;

  • specialists on operation and maintenance of agricultural equipment, road-construction machines, machines for the chemical and food industries, etc.;

  • specialists on gas supply and hydraulic and pneumatic transport;

  • specialists on operation and maintenance of power systems from renewable energy sources /wind, solar, geothermal energy/.