Degree Course in Electronics (E)

ACCREDITATION:   The degree course in Power  Engineering and  Electrical Equipment is  accredited with  a very high grade  by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.


  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) – The Bachelor's degree course  is  taught  for both full-time and part-time students; the duration of the course being four complete academic years. Core and engineering disciplines are taught during the course including Semiconductor elements and ICs; Analogue circuit engineering; Digital circuit engineering; Programmable logic controllers; Computer systems and  applications; Microelectronics plus a module in language training.
  • Master ( M.Sc.) – Master's  degree courses are offered  in three distinct programs: Electronics;  Automobile electronics; Optoelectronics and laser technology. Their duration is  three semesters for  students who have graduated with a Bachelor's  degree in Electronics and 5 semesters for   students who have  graduated other Bachelor's degree  courses. The Master's degree  program  in Electronics is taught for full-time and part-time students.
elektronikaYou will have state- of- the- art computers and related software at your disposal for the purpose of analysis , computer aided design and simulation of electronic circuits. You can also avail of  modern microprocessor systems for electronization and automation of  production processes and receive adequate training on how to make a success in your own business.
Department of Electronics  is well connected with  companies operating in the  field of manufacturing and maintenance of electronic units. These companies provide internships for  undergraduates  with options for  full-time employment after their successful graduation.
International collaboration
Undergraduates and postgraduate students are provided with opportunities for  studies in the  institutes of higher education in 13 EU countries or to have  apprenticeships and internships in EU companies. Scholarships and grants for students are also provided under ERASMUS program.