Faculty of Economics

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Dean: Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Veleva Stoyanova-Todorova, Ph.D.
room: 3118; 1233
tel.: +359 66 827 402, +359 66 827 327
e-mail: vantod61@abv.bg 
Vice Dean for academic affairs: Assoc. Prof. Daniela Dragneva Dimova, Ph.D.
room: 3118; 1219А
tel.: +359 66 827 402, +359 66 827 327
Vice- Dean for  scientific development: Assoc. Prof. Svetla Boyanova Panayotova, Ph.D.
room: 3118; 1227
tel.: +359 66 827 402, +359 66 827 374
Head of Faculty Office: Ivelina Dyankova Doncheva
room: 3125
tel.: +359 66 827 515

The Faculty of Economics was established by a Decision of the Academic Council of the Technical University of Gabrovo by virtue of the Academic Autonomy Act and the Memorandum of Association between the University and Balkancar Corporation in 1990. It was given the name of Engineering Economic Faculty by a Decision of the Academic Council of 26th July 1995. Since 2003 it has been called Faculty of Economics.

The Faculty trains students in accredited degree courses for acquiring the academic degrees of Bachelor and Master.

Training is carried out according to curricula meeting the state requirements and European standards for attaining the educational-qualification degrees of Bachelor and Master. The form of training can be full-time or part-time. Graduates obtain the professional qualification of Bachelor or Master. They are awarded a diploma showing the number of credits received during the period of training.

The training period for obtaining the educational-qualification degree of Bachelor is four years (eight semesters), and for the degree of Master – two semesters (for Bachelor’s degree holders with the same major), three semesters (for Bachelor’s degree holders majoring in another professional trend), and four semesters (for graduates from other areas of study). The period of training in the Master degree course „Industrial Management” lasts three or four semesters respectively.

International activity of the Faculty:

  • Participation in European educational and research programs and projects;
  • Bilateral cooperation;
  • Participation in international associations and organizations.

The Faculty of Economics has modern facilities.