Degree Course in Industrial Management (IM)

im 1The degree course “Industrial Management” provides students with adequate preparation corresponding to the requirements existing in the Member States of the European Union in the field of industrial production.

The curriculum of the Bachelor programme includes basic engineering courses in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics. The specialized courses include preparation of students in the field of economics and finance, basic management, marketing, engineering and production management, innovations and investment solutions, quality management, etc.

The Bachelor graduates of this course are prepared to work on problems of organization and management of SMEs. They can organize teams to develop entrepreneurial strategies and regular production.  The obtained theoretical knowledge and practical skills allow them to easily overcome the barrier of uncertainty and quickly adapt to the business circles and solve technical and economic problems in conditions of competitive pressure from the foreign markets.

The graduates of the Bachelor degree course “Industrial Management” with the obtained professional qualification of „Engineer-manager” are the people who take motivated decisions at the enterprise on the tasks about what, when and how to do, what level of quality to achieve, what methods to use in order to avoid “bottlenecks” and achieve the effect desired by the consumer and the 3

The Bachelor degree course „Industrial Management” provides upgrading of managerial knowledge and skills and offers the choice to get further training in the specialized Master programmes „Management of Industrial Enterprise” and „Innovation and Investment Management”.

Training of specialists in both educational-qualification degrees is achieved through compulsory, elective and optional subjects, which in turn are general, technical, economic and legal. Particular attention is paid to language and computer training.

The Department of Management provides the use of specialized laboratories with modern equipment and software. Practical training is conducted on a contractual basis in a variety of modern enterprises.

“Industrial Management” is a degree course for those, who wish to assert themselves and accept the inevitable competition of  the XXI century.