Department of Communications Equipment and Technologies

Head of Department:
Assoc. Prof. Stanimir Mihailov Sadinov, Ph.D.
Room: 2206
Phone: +359 (0)66 827 202

Office assistant and studies co-ordinator:
Tzvetelina Ivanova Petkova
Room: 2206
Phone: +359 (0)66 827 522

Brief background

“Communications Equipment and Technologies” has been a specialization course taught at the Technical University of Gabrovo since 1992/93 academic year. Following a Decision of the Academic Council of 23.02.1999 (Order № 38/26.02.1999) the Department of Communications Equipment and Technologies was founded and a degree course offered under the same name was established.

By Protocols № 32 of 15.10.2004 and № 38 of 06.11.2009 of the NATIONAL EVALUATION AND ACCREDITATION AGENCY the degree course “Communications Equipment and Technologies” was granted programme accreditation and the assessment grade of „Very Good” for the educational-qualification degrees of Bachelor and Master for a period of 6 years.

The department provides training in the scientific major „Communication Networks and Systems” leading to the scientific and educational degree of Doctor. This degree course was accredited with a “Very Good” assessment grade for a 6 years’ period by Protocol № 21/25.06.2009 of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.

As a result of the rapidly developing communications and the interest expressed by businesses and prospective students, starting from the academic 2012/2013 year the Department of Communications Equipment and Technologies is offering training in a new degree course „Mobile and Satellite Communications”.

The course documentation and the graduates of the Department receive positive feedback from the partnering companies, contacts with which are based on common interest and concluded contracts.

Over a 13-year period, until May 2012, 551 students have graduated in “Communications Equipment and Technologies” with a Bachelor’s degree and 428 with the degree of Master. Due to their solid academic background and high qualification, all of them have good prospects on the labour market.

The Department maintains professional ties with other technical universities in the country in the context of joint research projects, publishing activity and other forms of scientific and teaching events and keeps contacts with foreign universities through study grants and participation in various international scientific forums.

Department Staff

Name and academic rank Room Phone Е-mail
Assoc. Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Dimitrov Tashkov, Ph.D. 2313 +359 (0)66 827 210
Assoc. Prof. Pencho Kolev Penchev, Ph.D. 2207 +359 (0)66 827 550,
+359 (0)66 827 576
Assoc. Prof.  Boyan Dimitrov Karapenev, Ph.D. 2303 +359 (0)66 827 415,
+359 (0)66 827 325
Assoc. Prof. Ilia Veselinov Nedelchev, Ph.D. 2218 +359 (0)66 827 548,
+359 (0)66 827 375
Chief Assist.Prof. Ivelina Stefanova Balabanova, Ph.D. 1403 +359 (0)66 827 388
Assist.Prof. Natalia Atanasova Varbanova 2204 +359 (0)66 827 415
Chief  Assist. Prof. Miroslav Stoyanov Slavov, Ph.D. 2207 +359 (0)66 827 550,
+359 (0)66 827 576
 Assist. Prof. Krasen Кirov Аngelov 1403 +359 (0)66 827 388,
+359 (0)66 827 415
Dipl.Eng. Ivan Hristov Patev – department engineer 2212 +359 (0)66 827 511