Degree Course in Automotive Electronic Engineering (AEE)

Diploma engineers who have majored with a Master degree in  automotive electronic engineering acquire solid knowledge and skills which  determines their future professional activity in one of the following areas:

1. Development, design, assembly and diagnostics in:

  • Sensors, transducers, execution mechanisms;
  • Automotive electrical equipment, electric drives and electronic regulators;
  • Features and parameters of electronic systems for internal combustion engines;
  • Devices and systems supporting automobile normal run.

12.Manufacturing of electronic systems for above areas.

3. Development, assembly and  adjustment of  protective systems.

4. Organizational and  managerial activity of companies dealing with manufacture, overhaul and trade.

5. Scientific and/or academic orientation as instructors / teachers in  secondary vocational  schools.

Background requirements

Students who have successfully graduated their Bachelor degree in “ Electronics” are eligible to continue their studies in a Master course in “ Automotive Electronic Engineering”.

The course will enable  students to acquire the fundamentals of  research , theory and application activity and develop special skills to adapt in  social, economic and  technical  changes.

The Master course is intended for  graduates with Bachelor degree in “Electronics” and involves 3 semester studies. It includes 10 disciplines, both optional and compulsory, and two  course projects.

Core disciplines ensure fundamental and professional background in the following areas:  “Electric equipment of automobiles” , “ Sensors and execution mechanisms in automotive electronics” , “ Internal combustion engine controller” ,” Electronic systems” “ Technical systems in automobiles” “ Test stands and diagnostics of electronic systems”,  “Automotive dynamics”, “ Integrated automotive micro computer systems”.

Optional/Elective disciplines during the first and second semester allow for thorough studies of various types of internal combustion engines plus the option to pick either CAD of Electronic systems or specialize in normative documents  regarding  quality control in automotive industry.

Studies end up with a  diploma project/ thesis which is to be developed in the third semester.

Specialist I “ Automotive electronic engineering” are to be competent in:

  • Using and applying technical , tender and other types of documentation, component data base related to  manufacturing and trade in the field of automotive electronics;
  • Taking part in  development and manufacture of electronic automobile systems and having a competitive edge  over other  employment candidates for positions in trade related companies;
  • Carrying out measurement, control , diagnostics and  adjustment of parameters controlled by  electronic systems;
  • Adjusting and repairing electrical equipment and electronic systems in automobiles and test stands ;
  • Organizing and managing companies dealing with manufacture , repair and trade;
  • Training and retraining of  operational and attending  personnel.
Using computer and communications technology in the field of automobile electronics.