Degree Course in Materials Science and Technology (MST)

Training in this degree course is conducted in 10 specialized laboratories and 2 production workshops in three specializations:

  • materials science and technology;
  • entrepreneurship and management of industrial technologies;
  • analysis and control of materials

The Department of Materials Science and Technologies traditionally maintains contacts with the Technical Universities in Hamburg – Germany, Kiev, Charkov, Dnepropetrovsk – Ukraine, Minsk – Belarus, Krakow – Poland, Moscow and Ekaterininburg – Russia, etc.

Students who graduate in this degree course are qualified to:

  • conduct research on development and implementation of new and conventional materials;
  • work in the marketing and management of materials design and technology;
  • design, develop and manufacture machines and equipment for production and processing and metal and non-metal materials;
  • organize and manage manufacturing processes and apply computer methods;
  • perform design, technological, research and development, servicing and repair, as well as organizational and management activities in modern production companies.