All my life I've been studying in my home country in Nigeria, and I wanted to expand my horizons. I choose Technical University of Gabrovo, because I felt it could offer me both quality education and a chance to experience life outside of my comfort zone. The Technical University of Gabrovo is a renowned respectable university. It has a good international standing, and I believed it could provide me with a respectable and recognised degree.

Studying in Gabrovo a city in Bulgaria thus far has indeed been a pleasure. I love the culture here, the people are friendly and made me feel at home. Affordable accomodation and conducive environment for learning,  lessons are interactive and lively, the lecturers are friendly and full of encouragement. I enjoy the level of involvement and participation and it makes me want to actively engage in learning.

I will conclude by saying Technical University of Gabrovo is one in a million.

Rotimi Joseph Akinradewo, citizen of Nigeria

Preparatory Bulgarian Language course

Department for Language and Specialized Training PDF Print E-mail
Assoc. Prof. Diana Ilieva Izvorska, Ph.D.
Room: 1320
Phone: +359 (0)66 827 309, +359 (0)66 827 586, +359 (0)66 827 343
Academic Organizer Snezhina Hristova Meteva
Room: 1322
Phone: +359 (0)66 827 343

Brief Background

The Department for Language and Specialized Training was established by virtue of Art. 26.а of the Higher Education Act, Art.7, Par. 1, Sect.1 and Art. 44, Par.2 of the Internal University Regulations of  TU-Gabrovo by Decision № 6/01.02.2005 of the Academic Council.

The Department employs 14 highly qualified full-time lecturers in: English, German, Russian and Bulgarian language, history of Bulgaria, Bulgarian literature, didactics, physics, mathematics, physical education and sport, two of whom are associate professors and one is a PhD degree holder.

Department Staff

Name and academic rank Room Phone
Assoc. Prof. Diana Ilieva Izvorska, Ph.D. 1320 +359 (0)66 827 309
Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Gutev Hristov, Ph.D 2324A +359 (0)66 827 595
Sen. Lect. Nikolay Georgiev Vatkov, Ph.D. 2324 +359 (0)66 827 377
Sen. Lect. Irena Pavlova Rashkova 1319 +359 (0)66 827 421
Sen. Lect. Mariana Todorova Avdeeva 1322, 6501 +359 (0)66 827 495,
+359 (0)66 827 339
Sen. Lect. Svilen Nikolov Kolev 1321
+359 (0)66 827 421,
+359 (0)66 827 329
Sen. Lect. Silviya Todorova Dragozova 1322
+359 (0)66 827 339,
+359 (0)66 827 421
Sen. Lect. Tsvetelina Petrova Petrova 1319
+359 (0)66 827 421
Sen. Lect. Nadezhda Vasileva Slavova 1321
+359 (0)66 827 421,
+359 (0)66 827 329
Lect. Lalka Ivanova Dencheva 1115 +359 (0)66 827 586
Lect. Silviya Georgieva Angelova 1115 +359 (0)66 827 586
Lect. Zlatko Nikolaev Zlatev 2322 +359 (0)66 827 552
Lect. Nikolay Iliev Nemigenchev 2322 +359 (0)66 827 552
Lect. Silviya Hristova Koleva 2323 +359 (0)66 827215

The Department has the following divisions with corresponding functions and tasks:

І. DivisionForeign Languages

  1. Conducts the compulsory training in foreign languages (English, German, Russian) of full-time students in the three faculties of the University.
  2. Organizes foreign language courses for Ph.D. students and lecturers at the University.
  3. Conducts examinations in foreign languages for prospective Ph.D. students, as well as examinations as part of the curricula of full-time Ph.D. students.
  4. Develops international projects under EU programmes – Erasmus, Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.
  5. Cooperates with the International Office of TU – Gabrovo.
  6. Develops consultancy services – translations, establishing foreign language proficiency, individual training.

ІІ. DivisionSpecialization of Ethnic Bulgarians Living Abroad

  1. Organizes the hosting, accommodation and training of our compatriots living abroad according to Order of the Council of Ministers № 103/1993, and the students’ teacher training work placements in schools of Gabrovo and Gabrovo district.
  2. Conducts specialized training in the following subjects: Bulgarian, Bulgarian literature, history of Bulgaria, pedagogics, etc. in lecture courses and seminar classes.
  3. Organizes a cultural programme for each course.
  4. Purchases and provides through donations literature necessary for students, cultural workers and Bulgarian communities abroad.
  5. Consults graduating students for their graduation theses in Bulgarian studies.
  6. Maintains contacts with representatives of Bulgarian communities abroad.
  7. Organizes scientific sessions, conferences and round tables on the problems of ethnic Bulgarians abroad.

ІІІ. DivisionLanguage and Specialized Training for Foreigners Applying for Admission in Bulgarian Higher Education Institutions”:

  1. Provides training in Bulgarian and specialized training in: physics, mathematics, informatics, economics, etc. for prospective students who are foreign nationals – two semesters (nine months) – preparatory course.
  2. Provides training in Bulgarian for foreign students – first and second year of study, as well as for foreigners applying for permanent residence in Bulgaria.
  3. Organizes preparatory courses in Bulgarian language and Bulgarian literature for prospective students.
  4. Teaches the course „Business Bulgarian Language” to full-time students from the Economic Faculty (optional course).
  5. Conducts the compulsory examinations in Bulgarian as part of the preparatory course for foreign prospective students.
  6. Conducts examinations for establishing the Bulgarian language proficiency level of foreign students and citizens who have not attended the preparatory course, but will reside permanently or durably within the territory of Bulgaria.
  7. Performs consulting activities – editing and proofreading of texts.

ІV. DivisionPhysical Education and Sport”:

  1. Conducts the compulsory training in general sports, optional training (by requested by students type of sport) and specialized training.
  2. Provides sports training and individual improvement (University representative teams).
  3. Prepares and organizes the University sporting calendar.
  4. Participates in Sports Club „Academic”.
  5. Maintains contacts with the sporting community in the country.
The activities of the Department are regulated by the Internal Regulations for the Organization and Activities of the Department adopted by Decision № 9/29.03.2005 of the Academic Council.

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